Background of the Organisation, it’s Mission and Objectives;

MEMOS – Learning from History, is a peace organization that was conceived by Rwandan youth volunteers at Kimisagara Youth centre (“Maison des Jeunes”). In mid-2003 during construction of the road that goes to the youth centre, bones of a young child between the ages of 5 – 7 were discovered. After realising that remains of people are still scattered all over the country, the youth decided to form an organisation which would promote human rights, encourage commemoration and advocate for the “Never Again” campaign. The organisation started officially on the 27th February, 2005. Its legal status was granted by a Ministerial order n° 140/11 on 12th September 2008.

•The mission of Memos is to promote a culture of non-violence, reconciliation as well as learning from both negative and positive historical aspects of Rwanda.
•While its vision; is to ensure a peaceful and a reconciled Rwandan society.
•Memos stands; for equity, honesty, love and human dignity.

1. Assisting the Rwandan population to learn by history in view of the struggle against genocide and the promotion of research on genocide;
2. Encouraging the Rwandans of an active commemoration to the national level while working in synergy with the other regional and international organizations;
3. To facilitate for the human rights and the human dignity through the memory;
4. To encourage for the unity and Reconciliation while aiming the promotion of a culture of peace, non-violence, as well as conflict transformation/management;
5. To support the vision of the Rwandan government to establish a state of the rights and a democratic society;

Projects Completed: Below are various activities that were conducted by Memos;
•Provided training in conflict analysis, style of leadership, communication skills, Democracy as well as human rights.
•Researched ITORERO in Rwanda and Rescuers during the Rwandan Tutsi genocide of 1994.
•Conducted Study tours and exchange visits, within and out of Rwanda, these include visits to genocide memorial Sites in Rwanda, concentration camps, holocaust museums , documentation centres in Germany, Poland and the USA.
•Implemented Joint activities with local, regional and international organisations for both intercultural and multicultural exchanges.
•Students peace clubs were created in 4 Secondary schools and 3 Higher Institutions.
•Participated and organised International conferences, youth camps and retreats.

•Advocated and supported the “Rescuers “in their social and economic life by supporting the Survivors in the continuation of their higher education.
•Created partnerships with local, regional and international organisations.
•Carried out awareness campaigns in recognition of the role played by Rescuers during the Rwandan Tutsi genocide.
•Carried out Community outreach activities supporting the widows and orphans of the Rwandan Tutsi genocide.

For more Information Contact;
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